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A supply chain perspective of the role of it in strategic networks

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Wednesday 2 February 2011, 13:00
LT5, Management School

Arvid Tennefoss
(PhD Student)

Abstract: The focus of this research–in –progress is to investigate in a strategic networks perspective the role and contribution of information technology in a supply chain. This is done by focusing on the ascribed strategic role of Information technology in a supply chain in conjunction with the recognition of firms participating in strategic networks, as opposed to being unique entities. By doing so it acknowledges that networks, affect cooperative behaviour of firms and also that network properties is affected by intermediates, such as information technology. To investigate this comparative and developmental puzzle a case study is being conducted in the UK frozen foods industry, where network forms of organisations between firms have become established. The primary data collection methods that are applied are observations and interviews. This has enabled the research to gather an in-depth understanding in pursuing the research questions. The preliminary findings indicate that the notion of firms being a part of strategic networks affect how intermediate like information technology are managed and designed. Furthermore, that this also affects how inter-organisational processes are conducted, designed and managed as a result of a firms network “fingerprint”. As a result of this the research is developing a new conceptual framework of supply networks, based on two dimensions; ‘the nature of relationship’ and ‘conduct of the transactions’. Describing characteristics of network roles that shape how firms apply information technology in designing and managing the inter-organisational processes.

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