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Dynamic Network Routing - Meeting the Challenge of Complex Traffic and Transportation Tasks

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Friday 25 November 2011, 14:00
LT3, Management School

Prof Rolf Möhring
Technische Universität Berlin

Abstract: Traffic management and routing in logistic systems are optimisation problems by nature. One wants to utilise the available street or logistic network in such a way that the network ‘load’ is minimised or the ‘throughput’ is maximised. The aspects of ‘time’ and ‘congestion’ play a crucial role in these problems and require new techniques that need to integrate dynamic network flows and scheduling.

The lecture will illustrate recent developments in this direction on the several applications:

  1. Traffic guidance in rush hour traffic
  2. Routing automated guided vehicles in container terminals
  3. Ship traffic optimisation on the Kiel Canal

All these applications benefit from new insights into routing in graphs. In (1), it is a routing scheme that achieves traffic patterns that are close to the system optimum but still respect certain fairness conditions, while in (2) it is a very fast real-time algorithm that avoids collisions, deadlocks, and other conflicts already at route computation. Finally, (3) combines techniques from (2) with special purpose scheduling algorithms.

Brief biography: Rolf Möhring is Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Technische Universität Berlin working in the Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Algorithms group. He has been President of the Mathematical Programming Society (2004 - 2007) and is Scientist in Charge of the Application Area "Traffic and Communication Networks" for the DFG Research Center Matheon "Mathematics for Key Technologies".

In 2010 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO). He received the Gold Medal for his research on the optimization of transport networks and logistical systems and the application of methods of Operational Research in practice. Examples include the Berlin U-Bahn-schedule, traffic control on the North Sea-Baltic Canal and the logistical process in steel production.


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