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Industrial Mathematics and Operations Research Group in Bell Labs Ireland

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Wednesday 27 February 2013, 13:00
LT9, Management School

Dr Yue Jin
Alcatel-Lucent (Bell) Lab, Ireland

Abstract: Bell Labs is the research division of Alcatel-Lucent. It has a global footprint with research centers located around the world. Bell Labs Ireland, established in 2005, is one of the centers. It has multiple research strands and collaborates intensively with academics and industries. The Industrial Mathematics and Operations Research group is the strand focusing on optimization in supply chains and services operations. The group works on theoretical and applied problems alike. These include supplier management, assembly scheduling, resource pooling game, spare parts inventory control, workforce management, electric vehicle infrastructure, etc. These works have received recognition for their scientific merits and business relevance.

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Optimal Hiring and Job Assignment Policies for Service Systems When Workers Migrate

Abstract:  Effective workforce management is key to the success of service systems. Workers migrate in service systems: hiring, turnover, promotion, etc. Existing literature has largely overlooked the correlation between worker promotion and job assignment. To fill the gap, we consider a model with two types of workers, novices and experts, who process a Poisson stream of jobs. The available controls involve hiring of novice workers and assignment of jobs to workers. Novices are promoted after sufficient work experience, and all workers eventually retire. Conventional techniques face computational challenges in handling the Markov Decision Process arising from the problem. On the other hand, the problem decomposes naturally into two time scales, motivating the use of results from nearly completely decomposable Markov decision processes in our analysis.  

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